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Skinny Pink Vodka


classic: creamy vodka penne pasta topped with chopped Italian chicken low-carb: creamy vodka spaghetti squash topped with chopped Italian chicken  vegetarian: creamy vodka penne pasta paired with zucchini 

Lomo Saltado Bowl


Classic: lomo saltado with baked sweet potato fries, light serving of white rice and aji verde peruvian sauce Low-carb: lomo saltado with grilled vegetables and aji verde peruvian sauce veg: baked peruvian sweet potatoes, light serving of rice and beans, mixed peppers and onions with aji verde sauce

Pad Thai


Classic: Chicken pad thai noodles with chopped chicken, pad thai sauce, scallions, and nuts Low-Carb: Chicken pad thai with veggie zoodles, pad thai sauce, scallions and nuts Veg: Tofu pad thai with noodles with chopped tofu, pad thai sauce, scallions, and nuts

Orange Chicken


Classic: orange chicken and light serving of white rice with snap peas Low-carb: orange chicken with Asian vegetable medley Veg: orange tofu with white rice and Asian vegetable medley

Cubana Chop


classic: mojo chicken, light serving of white rice and beans, tomato salad, reduced-fat cheese and cilantro sauce low-carb: taco salad with mojo chicken, beans, tomatoes, reduced-fat cheese, and low-sodium bacon vegetarian: mojo cauliflower, light serving of white rice, beans, tomato salad and cilantro sauce  

Nostalgic Tacos


Classic: low-carb soft taco with lean ground beef, reduced-fat cheese, pico de gallo (on the side), and sour cream (on the side) Low-Carb: taco salad with lean ground beef, red onions, corn, beans, reduced-fat cheese, sour cream, and taco sauce Veg: low-carb soft tacos with black beans, queso freso, guac and pico de gallo

Ropa Vieja Chop Chop


Classic: classic ropa vieja, moro, and baked maduros Low-Carb: classic ropa vieja, baked maduros, and cauliflower Veg: black beans, rice, sweet potato, toston

Mexican Pizza


Classic: low-carb classic mexi pizza with lean beef, reduced-fat cheese, mexi tomato sauce, black beans and tomatoes pared with light sour cream Low-carb: taco salad with mexi lean beef, corn, beans, tomatoes, tortilla chips and light sour cream Veg: vegetarian mexi pizza with reduced -fat cheese, maxi-veg meat, tomato sauce, black beans and tomatoes pared with light sour cream